Special Needs

As a Speech Language Pathologist, I have worked with special needs children for over 16 years.  Over those years I have had many families comment on the limited amount of places they felt comfortable bringing their child with special needs.  Here at Jump Up N Bounce we want you to know that we think ALL children should have a place to come and play.  If you want to host your child’s birthday party here we would be open to any accommodations you might need to provide your child the best experience ever- eliminating the music, decreasing light level, familiarizing them with equipment etc…   We would also like to host a special open jump for children with special needs if the demand is there- smaller numbers of children and an open door policy to bring your child’s OT or PT too.  So please if you have a child with special needs call and ask for Debbie, I will be happy to discuss any issue with you to make your child feel at home, at our home- Jump Up N Bounce.

Debbie A
Owner of Jump Up N Bounce

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